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Owning the car offers the convenience and the luxury when it comes day to day commuting, however when something isn't right, it gives you a headache, especially when looking for a mechanic to do the repairs.

Our confidence in what we do, allows us to offer customers 100% labor guarantee.

Honest diagnostic and genuine repairs are the key to the services provided by Kubik.  If any part replacement carried out, your old part is ALWAYS available for you to inspect and be taken away for a second opinion. Majority of our customers came to us from the recommendations through friends and families and we cherish every single one of them. Most important - we can offer you a confidence and trust, not mentioning fixing your car in time, for the price quoted and agreed by yourself. Kubik doesn't surprise it's customers with the additional extra cost.

Kubik Auto Care looks well after it's customers and their runners....


With the passing of both time and mileage, engine oil loses its protective qualities and becomes saturated with contaminates. It needs to be drained and replaced with new oil to the correct grade and specification.

Ignoring the specified oil change interval by extending it can increase not only fuel use but also tailpipe emissions, while power output can become restricted. Obviously, engine life can be shortened considerably as well.   

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Popular Repairs:   Clutch Replacement

                            Brake Pads/Discs Replacement

                            Timing Belt/Chain Replacement

                            Alternator/ Alt Belt Replacement

                            Starter Motor Replacement     

                            Battery Rreplacement

                            Flywheel Replacement       

                            Exhaust/ Catalytic Converter Replacement

Engine:                           Engines Repairs

                                       Replace Engines

                                       Cylinder Heads Skim

                                       Blown Head Gaskets

                                       Timing Belt/Chain Replacement

                                       Fuel Injectors Testing, Reconditioning

Electrical:                        Starter Motor

                                       Charging System

                                       Battery & Cables

                                       Tranducers, Sensors & Transmitters


                                       General Electrics

Cooling System:               Radiator


                                       Water Pump

                                       Controls & Switches

Exhaust System:               Manifold, Pipes & Silencers

                                       Complete Exhaust System

                                       DPF Reggeneration

                                       Catalytic Converter

                                       Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)

Clutch & Controls:            Clutch Pedal, Linkage and Hydraulics

                                       Clutch Kit & Flywheel

Manual Transmission:  Gearbox Unit & Casing

Steering & Suspension:     Shock Absorbers

                                       Ball Joints

                                       Lower Arms

                                       Antiroll Bar linkage

                                       Bar Bushes

                                       Tire Rod

                                       Spring Coil

                                       Wheel Bearingng

                                       Steering Rack

                                       CV Joints

Brakes:                           Brake Pads and Discs

                                      Brake Drums & Shoes

                                      Wear Sensors

                                      Parking Brakes

                                      Switches & Controls

                                      Brake Fluid

Getting your car repaired with Kubik Auto Care  is pretty straight forward process. If you are unsure what the problem is, firstly the diagnostic is performed (visual or plug-in, as required).

The quotes we provide, are non-obligatory. Because, we are confident in competitiveness of our prices, yet with the high standards of labor, we encourage people to shop around, finding the best deal suitable their budget and convenience. 

Kubik is contracted with three major OS part Suppliers and majority of Main Dealers. The cost of parts is heavily discounted to the cost that you'd pay at the counter. Majority of parts offered to you, available in the choice of the Budget or Premium quality. Because of the  experience working with the particular brands, we can recommend what part option to choose, but the decision is entirely yours. Also, if you prefer to supply own parts, we are happy to offer our expertise in fitting them.

Last bit to remember:

100% LABOR GUARANTEE (when used car is repaired or serviced, fitting the new part that didn't  function properly prior, can add some pressure to a function of a different part within the system. Or, fitted part can have a manufacture fault and giving you the same symptoms after the fitting, PLEASE NEVER HESITATE  to come back and share your concerns. We guarantee the work, hence, any issues with the job that Kubik carried out, will be mended, altered, redone, fixed)

12 months PART MANUFACTURER's WARRANTY (exclusion applies to the general wear parts, fluids, some electrical parts, misuse and physical damage)

Batteries fitted by us come with the choice of 1-5 years WARRANTY

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