Plug-In Computer Scan

testing service by identifying the underlying reasons behind dashboard warning lights...



analysis of symptoms, visual inspection including a use of ramp lift (if necessary) to locate the issue...                               


*please note the above diagnostics are offered for the general repairs required. However,  sometimes diagnostic inspection requires more in depth investigation, such as: an air leak, fuel system problems, engine or gear box failure, etc. For such we charge hourly labor.  

Pre-Purchase Inspection

wisest money you spend before buying your car. Extensive check list is available, please ask within. Specific issues can be inspected also...                             


Winter Check & Preparation

we offer FREE winter check inspecting the Tyres, Battery, Coolant, Wash System, Blades and Exterior Lights. Also, we offer an Extensive Check with the Preparation at

   £79.00 on Standards Cars £99.00 on Commercials

Vehicle Health Check

will provide reassurance that there are no obvious faults with important parts of vehicle’s systems.

It is a visual inspection carried out by a technician and covers Warning Lights/Lights/Electrics, Under Bonnet, Underside, Wheels, Tyres and Brakes...